Available courses

What you'll learn:

  • Find peace of mind
  • Let go of attachments
  • Improve sensitivity in relationships
  • Self-healing
  • Manage stress and difficult emotions 

What you get:

  • Live Zoom Retreat for all graduates
  • Video instructions for each week with specific practice guidance and homework assignment
  • An ebook of all written instructions
  • Five studio quality audio mp3s of the meditations in the course
  • Prompt 24\7 email\text support during the course and for 
  • The first 25 meditators who sign up for the course will receive a 30 minute one-on-one coaching call (Skype or phone) with the instructor

How to Get Started with Compassionate Recovery

What you will learn

What is Compassionate Recovery?

How to Start a Group

• Who can start a group?
  • FInd a location.
  • Name your group

How to Lead a Group 

•Standard meeting format
•Meeting guidelines
•Passing the basket
•Closing and Dedication of Merits

Get Support

  • Coaching and Assistance
  • Group Level
  • Personal

Work through the 12 Steps from the book, The 12-Step Buddhist with the author, Darren Littlejohn.

What You'll Learn

  • The principles of each step and how to apply them
  • The connection between Buddhist concepts and the steps
  • Several different meditation techniques
  • Aspects of Self Dialogs
  • How to be a Buddhist without really trying
  • To be comfortable in your own skin

What's in the Course

  • Video lessons for each step
  • Written assignments for each step
  • Specific assignments for you, depending on your needs and where you are in your recovery
  • Live group calls weekly on Zoom or Facebook
  • Live One-on-one coaching via Skype ($100 value). Each student will receive TWO one hour coaching calls with me, included in the price of the course. 
  • Individual help via text 24/7 on life issues in recovery while you are in the course 
  • Email support for six months after completing the course